"the winning song (Millennium Fanfare) is an upbeat yet unsentimental paean... with it's soaring introductory chords and fanfare mode, the piece inevitably recalls Aarron Copland."
- Roberta Hershenson, The New York Times

"Monumental, with an air of expectancy and drama... this music stands alone."
- Paul Lustig Dunkel, Music Director, Westchester Philharmonic.

"All of the songs are very good; several are outstanding. The great work in this collection is Antonio Carlos DeFeo's Sonnet 23 -- poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. I spent the better portion of one recent morning listening to it repeatedly and weeping like a baby through much of it. Of course, Browning's text is magical, and DeFeo's exquisite lyrical gift and a wonderful harmonic and rhythmic sense heighten the poem magnificently. This beautiful song rates among the best ones I've heard in years."
- Bill F. Faucett, American Record Guide July/August 2000

"These compositions (Sonnet XXIII Three Simple Songs) certainly constitute "new music," but there is not a bar of it one would be tempted to call ugly or difficult; yet neither is there anything patronizing or pedestrian. They exhibit a high level of imagination, inspiration, technical skill, and loving consideration for the human voice. This is music that sounds good, and is good for you, too."
- Bill Parker,

"Futuristic in a way, but not with things that can't be imagined... containing exciting dynamics that suggest progress and momentum."
- Jimmy Hill, Saxophonist

"very celebratory and evocative of the past, while also envisioning the future"
- Mark Morganelli, Trumpeteer

"The production is enhanced by a lively and witty score by Antonio Carlos DeFeo"
- Jeffrey Borak, The Berkshire Eagle

"Antonio Carlos DeFeo pulls it all together with his original music for the production. Indeed, DeFeo's creation provides the crowning glory to this captivating work"
- Carol Perkins, The Berkshire Summer