Film Scoring

Each score that Antonio Carlos DeFeo has created for film resonates with a characteristic flavor. Trained as a film composer at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, and then continuing his musical immersion at conservatory (Manhattan School of Music), this composer has the ability and the background to score in vastly different styles. His sincere and dedicated approach to scoring to picture conveys each different filmmaker's unique vision.

For example, DeFeo scored the independent feature film All American Boy, directed by John Truby, which premiered at the Hollywood Film Festival in October 2002. His score for this film maintains a traditional role in underscoring while ranging in style from orchestral Americana to straight ahead Jazz to Folk to Classical. The music for this dramatic Vietnam War story is layered with haunting echoes of the American Civil War, and reveals a powerful depth of feeling and a profound sense of honor. All American Boy received a BEST FEATURE FILM nomination at the Hollywood Film Festival. It won the SPECIAL JURY AWARD at The Houston International Film Festival in 2003.

Also in 2003, legendary film composer Elmer Bernstein chose DeFeo as one of ten finalists in the Turner Classic Movies Film Composers Competition, out of a field of almost 600 competitors. He was subsequently awarded Fourth Prize and his winning clip has been featured on the Turner Classic Movies web site.

DeFeo has composed scores for numerous award winning short films including A Clumsy Effort at Control, Ripple and Psychobabble as well as the full score and incidental music for Darko Tresjnak's critically acclaimed production of Princess Turandot at the Williamstown Theatre Festival. His film scores have been premiered at the Boston, Hollywood, Houston, Austin, Sedona, Northampton, and Raindance film festivals.